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Whether on the open road, at the job site, or in the open field, reliability and precision is critical when it comes to environmental efficiency, and operational performance. KUS has a reputable track record when it comes to delivering against these challenges.

Over 30 years of experience working with industry OEMs from around the world has led to the development of a broad array of products that are working hard in vehicles around the world, whether it be commercial on-road heavy duty trucks, or off-road agricultural and construction machinery.

One of the reasons KUS has become the choice for engineers and designers in OEM operations across the globe is our dedication to maintaining the highest quality control standards possible. KUS has a well established reputation for reliable products, technical support, and top notch services to customer all over the world.

Exhaust Aftertreatment

Global regulation of emission pollutants from the engine exhausts are becoming increasingly stringent. The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system is one of the exhaust after-treatment systems adopted by vehicle and engine manufacturers to reduce emissions pollutants such as NOx (generic term for NO, nitric oxide, and NO2, nitrogen dioxide) from the engine exhaust gas.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), or AdBlue, is a 32.5% urea-in-water solution that is injected into the SCR system to convert NOx into harmless H2O and N2.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of DEF/AdBlue level senders, KUS products are designed and manufactured to ISO 22241 standards, and are widely used in SCR systems for on-road and off-road vehicles worldwide.

DEF Level Sender with Quality Sensor
80L AdBlue Tank (21 Gallons)

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Fuel Level Detection

KUS is the world’s leading supplier of multi-purpose level senders.

Every year millions of KUS level senders are installed in trucks, buses, RV, boats, and off-road equipment all over the world.

From simple single tube senders, to multi-function senders with integrated pick-up, return, and ventilation, we offer a portfolio of fuel level senders with different functionalities and mounting methods to match customers’ different applications.

In addition to standard off-shelf, ready to market products, KUS also works closely with customers to design a customized products for the customer’s particular application. We work with OEMs from around the world to test and validate each sender design according to the OEM’s specifications.

Fuel Level Sender - SAP
Liquid Level Sensor – SSS/SSL

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